Tiffany Style Floor Lamp

A Tiffany style floor lamp are some of the more popular style floor lamps that consumers use to decorate and light their homes and offices. What makes them so unique and recognizable are the stained glass shades that they use and the way that it is made.

Each stained glass shade on a Tiffany style floor lamp has been soldered together using copper foil. The original lamps were designed as part of the Art Nouveau movement. It is no wonder that they have been described as one of America’s best contributions to this movement – which started during the late 19th century in England.

The very first Tiffany style floor lamp was built around 1895 using a bronze base that had been designed by Louis Tiffany Style Floor LampComfort Tiffany. Each one is beautiful in its own unique way and has been handcrafted by skilled artists. When the lamps were first produced they were only made by men and were not touched by any machines.

Some of the first of the Tiffany style floor lamps were designed with patters of butterflies and flowers. The idea to create lamps using stained glass came to Tiffany while he was working as an interior designer in New York. At this designer company he worked at designing stained glass windows.

Over twenty years he was able to design and create Tiffany style floor lamps in several different designs that include; Irregular Upper and Lower Border, Favrile, Geometric,Transition to Flowers, Flowered Cone, and Flowered Globe lamps.

In this day and age it is very difficult for anyone to get their hands on an original and antique Tiffany style floor lamp. The most expensive that was purchased was worth $8,000,000. Most people will purchase a Tiffany floor lamp that is a simple reproduction of the original work of art. The quality of the Tiffany floor lamp that you choose will depend on who you purchase it from.