Quoizel Tiffany Floor Lamp

When most of us think about Tiffany floor lamps we think of the time of Jane Austen. We are reminded of the times when ladies bided their time away sewing and drinking tea and everyone was carried around by horse and carriages. In other words we imagine a home that is very old fashioned and reflect some of the more simpler and classical time periods.

It is no surprise that many of us are reminded of this because that is around the time period that the first Tiffany floor lamp was designed and marketed by Louis Comfort Tiffany. With time these classical lamps have been recreated in the same elegant fashion – but for some the style evokes more of the time period that we are in. Quoizel Tiffany floor lamp sells and recreates these most sought after lamps. Each one has been made with care and some of the world’s best materials.Gotham Tiffany Floor Lamp

One of the more unique qualities of this company is the fact that they create Tiffany floor lamps for contemporary and classical homes as well as a few that would work well in any modern home. These more modern styled Quoizel Tiffany floor lamps still hold the same elegance that made the original Tiffany floor lamp so popular.

Gotham Quoizel Tiffany Floor Lamp

This is one of the more modern Quoizel Tiffany floor lamp and also one of the more popular. The shade has been designed from hand cut, iridescent art glass and forms the shape of a thin triangle pattern. It’s rich yellow and ebony colors offer the occupant of the room enough light by casting and warm and comforting glow over the entire room.

West End Quoizel Tiffany Floor Lamp

This down to earth, classical Quoizel Tiffany floor lamp helps to add elegance to any room and to complete the décor that has been created. It is a more rustic Tiffany floor lamp that would look great in any contemporary home. The shade has been made using hand cut, iridescent art glass and has been created into a geometric pattern. It is covered in some of the more rich colors that help to remind people on an Indian summer.