Mission Tiffany Floor Lamp

Nothing says high quality like a Mission Tiffany floor lamp. Mission is one of the few companies that is able to create some of the best reproductions of Tiffany style floor lamps. They understand the quality that consumers look for when they decide to purcahse a Tiffany floor lamp and the fact that it is sometimes more of a piece of art than just something to light up their home with.

They offer a variety of high quality Tiffany floor lamps in a variety of different styles and designs. Each Mission Tiffany floor lamp adopts the classic look of the original Tiffany floor lamps and the classic stained glass shades that define them. There are several designs available that are used not only in homes – but also offices and other businesses.Mission Tiffany Floor Lamp

Mica Mission Tiffany Floor Lamp

When you look at the selection that they make available to consumers you will notice the unique style that they are found in. One of the more unique styles is the Mica Mission Tiffany floor lamp. It is designed with a special shade that is colored in a brilliant autumn finish and uses geometric shapes.

Both the base and the stand are made using mica bronze. The shade has been clouded to offer a much warmer glow to the room that it is being used in. It’s thin base makes it easy for people to place it in any room of their home or office without taking up any space that you might need.

Sierra Mission Tiffany Floor Lamp

This is one of the more classic Mission Tiffany floor lamp. It is make look simple to many people – but it is a beautiful lamp that is made with the qualitites and elegance that is based on the original Tiffany floor lamp. It is built with a bronze finished square base and a ridged pole. The art glass shade is a beautiful subtle honey tint.