Dragonfly Tiffany Floor Lamp

Dragonfly is yet another respectable company that works at recreating the magic and splendor that originated from the original Tiffany floor lamps. Each Dragonfly Tiffany floor lamp has been made with the utmost care and handcrafted using the same brilliant stained glass colored shades and elegant design that sets them apart from other floor lamps.

Dragonfly Blue Tiffany Floor Lamp

This Dragonfly Tiffany floor lamp is one of their most sought after lamps. It has been designed with one of the most decorative base and pole that we have seen adding more character to the room that it occupies. The stained glass shade is in the shape of an elegant bowl that sits on top of the metal base and round light pole. This shade has been Blue Dragonfly Tiffany Floor Lampdecorated with dragonflies in the color of amber, red, and blue.

Dragonfly Series Tiffany Floor Lamp

If you have a more elegant and classic home than you would love the special Dragonfly series Tiffany floor lamp. This one of a kind Tiffany floor lamp has been hand painted in multiple colors. The shade and post have been decorated with flowers and dragonflies. It features an antique brass finish – which is able to give it a more classical look.

Bridge Dragonfly Tiffany Floor Lamp

The Bridge Dragonfly Tiffany floor lamp is one of their most unique Tiffany floor lamps that they offer. It has been designed to save space using its round footed base that has been built with cast metal zinc and finished with a bronze tone.

The shade is in the shape of a dome and is made with cut stained glass that is in the colors or brown, amber, and green. What makes it so unique is the way that the light pole curves at the top and allow the Tiffany floor lamp to hang from the top of it. This allows you to place it in any corner of the home without the shade getting in your way.